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IC Information:
Name: Yoko Usami (宇佐見ヨーコ) | Yoko (Kobayashi) Aznable
Canon and medium: Spec-Ops Cell Gobusters, live action television series
Age: 17
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: here and here
Any differences: No appearance differences!
Preincarnated History:

Given the sheer size of our Gobusters cast at this point, you've probably seen these already. But since Gobusters can be something of a pain, have some resources: Messiah, Vagras, Enetron, Usada Lettuce, Yoko Usami, the Gobusters.

That final link includes an in-depth history (skipping the Super Hero Taisen section, as it is non-canon), but I've written up a less blow-by-blow version. (I can't in good conscience call it a "summary", though, it's too long for that. Sorry.)

Thirteen years before the events of the series, on Christmas, four year old Yoko, the daughter of a Megazord pilot named Kei, was at a Christmas party held at the Transport Research Center, when the Center was besieged by rogue computer virus Messiah in its search to take over all the things. Hiromu's father, head researcher at the facility, made the decision to transport the entire Center into hyperspace, and transport Yoko, Ryuuji, and Hiromu (and their three Buddyroid units) out of it in order to one do battle with Messiah when it inevitably escaped from hyperspace once more. Yoko and company had all been treated with a specific vaccine program that would allow them to be transported in and out of hyperspace without damage to their DNA during the digitization process, which gave them each superpowers (and weakpoints, to match). The series picks up again on the first day of Hiromu Sakurada's new career as Red Buster, of the Spec-Ops Cell Gobusters after a gap of several years. Eventually, the three come together as a team in order to battle with the dramatic, extremely French Enter, an "Avatar" comprised of data and being broadcast from hyperspace. Enter, as a servant of Messiah, has a mission to gather Enetron in order to get Messiah into the real world by creating monsters known as Metaroids, and larger monster counterpoints called Megazords. The Gobusters are joined by an avatar of Ryuuji's childhood mentor, Masato Jin, and Jin's Buddyroid, Beet J. Stag (hereafter referred to simply as "J"). Enter, by contrast, is joined by the beautiful and powerful Escape, who calls Messiah "Papa" and spends a lot of time crossing swords with Enter for what she perceives as disrespect.

The battle monsters and Enter in exceedingly eccentric outfits, Yoko is rude to everyone but especially Ryuuji, Hiromu, and her Buddyroid, Usada. When the Gobusters get a sudden emergency broadcast from Hiromu's father, calling the Gobusters to hyperspace, they (obviously) go. The Gobusters manage to make it into hyperspace, and eventually get to the central mainframe. There they find their families--but they're not alive, like Jin. They have instead been converted into a data core that contains their cognizant data versions. The Sakuradas and Kei Usami urge them to destroy the core, in order to keep Messiah from spreading, at the cost of their own data, and therefore any chance of saving them. In the end the decision to put Messiah to rest is more important than Hiromu and Yoko's promise to return their families to the real world, and Hiromu defeats a desperate Enter to destroy the core while the rest distract the Messiah Cell. All but Jin return to regular space, as there's no time to transport his physical body back to the real world with hyperspace having a negative reaction to Messiah blowing up. Jin must, for now, remain a mere avatar using J as a transport marker.

Enter is still around despite the destruction of Messiah's core, and he reveals that he has backed Messiah's data up on thirteen so-called "Messiah cards", which he has tossed around the city. He's been powered up, much like the so called Messianic Metaroids, and Yoko, Hiromu and Ryuuji counter this with new armored forms called "Powered Custom" mode, wherein their Buddyroids are digitized and used as a power source for armored suit components that also boost their vaccine-given superpowers. Escape re-debuts with a new armored form. A Metaroid accidentally absorbs a Messiah card, and J steps in to defend it from the Gobusters; Yoko joins the other Busters in being confused about the meaning and purpose of J's sudden seeming betrayal, and it is subsequently revealed that J is attempting to take back the Messiah card from the Metaroid in question, because a portion of Jin's data is on the card, making it impossible to retrieve Jin's body from hyperspace. Enter reveals a new armored form of his own, called Enter Unite, and is a fearsome opponent indeed. Enter trounces the Gobusters and removes the card from the Metaroid J has been defending, then leaves with it. Eventually, Enter gains the ability to use organic material like flora and fauna as a base for a Metaroid, and similarly he's able to recreate a memory-wiped copy of Escape from a flower after she is defeated.

We break now for the traditional crossover movie. The previous year's Super Sentai team, the Pirate Sentai Gokaiger, arrive on Earth, seemingly now evil servants of their old foes, the Zangyack Empire. They clash with the Gobusters until all of them are scattered across time and space alongside the mysteriously powerful Phantom Keys. Yoko spends the majority of her time in 1775 Edo alongside J and Gai Ikari, Gokai Silver. In order to get a message to the modern day, they find and leave a message with the Shiba clan, as the Shiba heirs each inherit the power of Shinkenger leader Shinken Red. Jin, Ryuuji, Hiromu and Gokaiger leader Captain Marvelous use the time-traveling technology the Gokaigers possess in order to recalibrate the transport systems for transport across both space and time, which is a heavy burden on the Buddyroids' Enetron reserves. Marvelous and Hiromu travel back to meet up with Gai, J and Yoko, who have managed to find a Key, only to have it stolen from them, and the ensuing battle in 1775 takes longer than intended. The Buddyroids manage to get everyone home, but are damaged in the transport back to the modern day. Jin repairs the physical damage, but the Megazord powering trio have been reset to factory settings, so to speak, their personalities and memories wiped. The power of the Gobusters' feelings manages to return the Buddyroids to their previous selves after a Megazord battle, and the Gobusters join up with the Gokaigers to use the Phantom Keys in their Megazords and take down the Zangyack-Enter alliance. The Gokaigers depart Earth afterward with a new feeling of friendly camaraderie. Or, well, as much friendly camaraderie as a bunch of kind of jerk-ass pirates and more than kind of jerk-ass super spies can get.

Back in the show proper, Enter reveals he's become Messiah by virtue of fusing with the rest of the missing cards, and that he intends on becoming a perfect human using data harvested from Hiromu, as the host for the final Messiah card. Enter is also using Hiromu as his back-up, which means that with Hiromu alive, Enter can recreate himself no matter how many times they attempt to delete him, harvesting Hiromu's knowledge and experience from the card still gathering data on Hiromu as he goes. Escape becomes Escape Zeta, assimilating various organic lifeforms into her data, getting more unbalanced with each assimilation. She is finally destroyed by Ryuuji, the fraying of her data reaching far enough that she can no longer be recreated. (To boot, Enter no longer has any interest in this new, vapid and subservient Escape, as his data on human emotion has made him miss the old one. Not that he can really tell.) Hiromu attempts to suicide attack Enter, but is ultimately unsuccessful; Enter will not allow him to die as long as he is Enter's backup. Enter combines with a massive Enetron tank in order to convert it into a cocoon and take over the Earth using the massive influx of Enetron. In this distraction, Jin reveals a plan to digitize Hiromu and pull the card out not unlike a Jenga piece. Data is drawn to the data it came from, he points out: the backup on the 13th Messiah card that belongs to Jin's body will draw the card to Jin's data instead. The Gobusters make it to hyperspace in order to do this, with Enter not far behind, but when the five move to Jin's hangar, it's revealed that Jin's data has been devolving so entirely that barely any of his data is left. J breaks into the conversation to reveal that Jin's body is simply too fragmented to survive the process of joining the data segments together, especially without the bits of data on Messiah card 7, which Enter still has but hasn't absorbed. The Gobusters attempt to convince Jin to try another way, but there's simply no time. Hyperspace is collapsing around them, and coming up with a second plan isn't feasible. The Busters allow Jin to sacrifice himself in order to save Hiromu. Jin's avatar lasts until the end of hyperspace, allowing him to help them defeat Enter once and for all, but he fades into data as hyperspace crumbles. The rest of the Gobusters make it back to the real world only barely, and the show picks up once more a year later, with Yoko's graduation from high school.

Reincarnated History:

Yoko Kobayashi was born the only child of Jin, an engineer (slash doctor slash bona fide genius, et cetera), and his wife, a doctor, and for three years things went as normal, for a young family with a young daughter. By the time Yoko turned three, however, the relationship between Jin and his wife had soured, and they divorced. When her father changed his legal name to Aznable in order to allow her mother to retain the 'Kobayashi' with which she built the majority of her professional reputation, Yoko's was changed as well, a joint decision by her parents in order to minimize questions about why she and her father had different last names. Her mother remained in Locke for the next nine years, and Yoko split her weekends between her parents, though she lived primarily with her father as a result of his vicinity to her public elementary school. When Yoko entered middle school, her mother took a different position out of the city, and her father took primary custody. From this time forward, Yoko began spending summers with her mother and otherwise lived alone with her father and the family cat, Amuro.

Despite her parents' divorce, Yoko grew up fairly typically for an upper-middle class single parent household. Her mother was often too busy with her shifts at the hospital to be present for every milestone in Yoko's life, but she was present for as many as she could be, and she always made sure Yoko knew she was proud of her, which she continues to remind her of even now that she's out of the city. Jin, by contrast, was heavily involved in Yoko's school and social life despite being well-known and well-regarded in his career. More than once he put work on hold to make sure he was present for as much as possible, which was gratifying as a child and has become less so as she grows older. She has many friends, does well in school, and is a nationally competitive tennis player in singles, promoted recently to captain after the end of her junior year. She is athletic and involved with the community as president of the Key Club, a volunteer and service-centric club, at Locke City Academy, the private school where she's spent all of her high school career. Yoko spends most of her free time making sure she's ahead of her schoolwork (in order to keep her dad off her back), at tennis practice, coordinating volunteer work with an emphasis on childrens' hospitals, adding to her boot collection, and caring for her pair of hissing cockroaches, Noriko and Kazumi. Yoko recently gained her driver's license, but her dad refuses to buy her a car, which irritates her to no end. Instead she rides her bike nearly exclusively.

First Echo:

Just before Thanksgiving, Yoko accompanied her father, Jin, to a function in the business district. Her proximity to the Tuning Towers triggered an Echo: upon returning to tennis training, Yoko found that her physical condition has suddenly improved beyond anything she's ever managed--not to superhuman levels, but to superspy training levels. This effects her agility, dexterity and lung capacity and is not related to her vaccine ability (see below).

Preincarnation Personality:

Yoko Usami learned very young to be hard and tough. She was only three when her mother and the rest of the TRC's personnel were lost to hyperspace, but what she does remember is her promise with Hiromu, to return their families to the real world. Since then Yoko and Ryuuji have lived and trained under Takeshi Kuroki. Yoko graduated middle school at 15 and promptly ceased attending school entirely to dedicate all of her time to training. She's the youngest and most disproportionately affected by her weakpoint, so she simply has to train until she's tougher than her weaknesses. Yoko's life is marked by a constant outside force of regimentation, one that she dislikes despite its necessity, but can't get out of herself. Despite the constant, looming issue of her weakpoint, Yoko often rushes into things without remembering to keep an eye on her energy levels, collapsing repeatedly at inopportune times, though she gets snarly and irritated when anyone else tries to monitor her energy for her, a clear sign of her independence. She gradually begins forgetting her snacks less and less, either as a result of getting more responsible or as a result of being frustrated and shamed by her own weakness, and the problems it can cause for her teammates if she fails to keep a tab on it.

Yoko is extremely energetic and quite cheerful, but the majority of her energy is on her work as a Gobuster. She likes having fun and often skips out on doing her homework, unwilling to expend the effort on learning it, because it doesn't seem terribly important versus real skills, like training her body and beating up bad guys. She tends to focus large "let's go have fun!" efforts on others rather than herself out of a burning sense of loyalty and devotion. She often fights with her occasionally overbearing male caretakers (Usada, Ryuuji, and Kuroki, in various capacities), but no one is more upset to see their Buddyroid in danger than her, and when Ryuuji's weakpoint takes effect, sending him into a berserker rage and nearly attacking her, she gets viscerally, obviously upset.

Yoko tries her best to be a soldier, and in many ways, she succeeds, picking up and carrying on no matter the scenario, but she is also emotional, sometimes to the extent of being fragile, and prone to panicking. This tendency has faded as she grows more experienced with do-or-die situations, and she's more easily competent now. She often leaps before she looks, however, and is hasty and reckless because she doesn't think things through. This seems to be a combination of her youth and her natural propensity to act before she thinks. Yoko has a temper, and it flares easily, which causes her to clash with others. She is stubborn, tends to make snap-judgments about anyone her age or older (kids get a pass), and can be derisive of people she sees as not working as hard as she is. Her opinions are slow to change, without decisive evidence. She only holds long grudges in the face of large offenses, though she can and has remained irritated for hours or days until she receives what she considers an appropriate apology or other manner of settling the conflict. In situations where she's done an honest wrong, she's comfortable apologizing--providing she realizes she's entirely at fault.

Ryuuji is Yoko's older brother in every sense of the word, and he has dedicated a large portion of his life to helping care for her despite being only fifteen himself when the Messiah incident occurred. Ryuuji gave up a bright and shining career as an engineer in order to be a Gobuster, and Yoko is aware of both that and the fact that even when he's being super-naggy, he's thinking about her best interests. Not that that means she isn't going to get annoyed when he's getting over the top, but she can at least appreciate his motives. Her relationship with Hiromu vacillates being teasing but friendly and downright combative, because Hiromu's flat bluntness can set her off with very little effort. Jin's tendency to treat her like the image of Kei can drive her batty, though after she points out that she's strong enough to protect herself, he backs off on that, and their relationship is positive, if often accompanied by Yoko having little patience for Jin's silly antics. Yoko and J are a surprise combination, but they work better together than even J and Jin do. She finds him amusing, and their mutual interest in bugs makes them cute friends. Her closest female relationship is with the EMC command technician Nakamura, whose viewpoint as a normal person uninitiated to the reality of the Gobusters' history means there is a heavy undercurrent of pity, but Yoko doesn't want to focus on that. She'd rather be cheerful than dwell, more often than not. Her relationship with Commander Kuroki is vaguely parental, but it's mixed up in him being her commanding officer, and she clearly likes him but more clearly respects him.

Yoko doesn't take advantage of her position as the younger sister of the group, for the most part, because her older brothers are nearly to a man more like authority figures. She, does, however, use every adult male in the series to do her homework for her for one reason or another at some point, begging for examples and help since she simply doesn't understand it! This implies to me a certain sugary reliance on a puppy-dog face or other such cheap, younger sibling tactics taking advantage of her age and cuteness. Yoko misses her mother, sometimes overwhelmingly so, but she doesn't remember much of her, and she's awkward about that. She wants to know more, but the only people who really remember her are Jin and Kuroki, and both of them are hurt in recalling it. Jin has shared what he can, but Yoko never showed any push on the subject, perhaps afraid to make him upset. When Jin lays down his life to save the world, Yoko is a mess, sobbing and denying the possibility of the plan as an option until Jin demands to know if she can disappoint her mother that way. This steels her resolve, though it isn't much comfort.

Perhaps as a side effect of the way the Messiah conflict evolved--"one day you'll need to help defeat Messiah", "one day Messiah will return", "once you've grown into your uniform, you can help me"--Yoko doesn't have much in the way of a dream or future goal. Everything is about defeating Messiah. Yoko left high school and never thought about going back until Ryuuji did the research for her. She originally rebuffed his research for "after Messiah and Enter are gone", and while she eventually accepted it as Ryuuji's way of looking out for her after the battles are over, it's only when the show is wrapping up, and she's graduating, that we see mention of it again. When she meets Hong Kong idol Angie Sue, Angie asks if there's anything she wants, anything she's dreaming about. Yoko shows a remarkable sense of self-awareness when she admits to Ryuuji and Hiromu that she knows defeating Messiah isn't a dream--it's an eventuality--but she doesn't come up with much of another answer.

In some ways, Yoko shows tendencies toward being a girl with feminine interests--she is confused by makeup, but has at least a passing interest in fashion, even if her taste is a little strange, and she's generally well-kept. She likes cute things and wears shorts. She dresses up nicely and is in every way the image of a normal high school girl in the glimpses we see of her at the end of the show. In most others, she is anything but.

Any differences:

Without the demands of her life as a Gobuster, Yoko is a fairly normal girl unfamiliar with traumatic loss from early childhood. Her parents' divorce has made her hyperaware of her parents' moods and careful about mentioning them around each other, but she grew up spending weekends at her mom's and only at 12 did their time apart get longer, so even in situations where she misses her mother, she's only a phone call away. By contrast, her father's constant and intense involvement in her life, and his personality issues as relating to both their relationship, and the one he has with his ex-wife, has had an effect on her ability to understand the moods and feelings of others, which is both positive and negative. Yoko uses such teenage growing pain staples as "I hate you, dad!" to their greatest effect whenever the opportunity presents itself, because it makes her dad whine, and he can be so overbearing she'll take that moment of satisfaction. As in her previous life, Yoko can and will indulge in a little good-natured manipulation in order to get what she wants. It's never very often, or very serious, but she's the type to beg a snack off of someone or cut someone in line with a little begging. Unlike in her pre-incarnation, she doesn't limit this specifically to the men she's close to, but rather anyone she's friendly with.

Yoko is friendly, cheerful, and energetic, but she is also quite focused on her goals, and demands excellence to match her hard work. This makes her an excellent team captain and club president. Like her pre-incarnate self, she has natural leanings toward slacking off on her schoolwork, but growing up in a household with a heavily involved, academic parent who put her nose to the grindstone when she didn't want to has instilled a drive to get her schoolwork done before anything else. Unlike Jin, she has little interest in learning for the sake of it, and sees school as a means to an end more than as a passion. This causes Jin to despair, but his opinion hasn't changed her mind in ten years, so it's not likely to change it now. His constant gushing and compliments about her would feel a lot less genuine if he wasn't so often complimentary of himself, and while Yoko sometimes wishes she were naturally smarter, she knows that she's all-around excellent in many other ways, like tennis, and her volunteer work. In contrast to her previous life, Yoko's energies are spread in various directions, which makes her less intense on any one thing, and that makes it easier for her to interact with people.

Living in a world where she isn't motivated by the disadvantages served to her by her youth and weakpoint, and by the impatience of waiting for Messiah to return, has given her a less brewing temper. She still snaps and gets angry, but it generally doesn't linger for too long. Unlike her pre-incarnation, Yoko is much more of a brat, and her derisive tendencies get directed at people who irritate or disappoint her. Her sharp tongue has gotten her into trouble more than once, and she can be abrasive, especially with people who are rude in response to her own rudeness. She often bickers and argues with her friends, but she relents easier than her original self, and doesn't demand apologies unless she truly feels she's been done a disservice, in which case you'd better be begging for forgiveness. She's quicker to apologize when she's done something wrong, and quicker to notice when she's done something wrong. Yoko is still deeply independent, as her original incarnation was, but she's less defensive about it, willing to abide by (most of) her father's rules. She's less willful simply for the sake of it, though she dislikes being bossed around by people she doesn't know.

She has a not-so-secret fondness for animals, especially bugs, and refuses to kill them, or allow Jin to. (Instead they just deposit the ones that are pests near the house of their neighbors, who they both dislike.) Yoko has spoiled her cat rotten and is well known to sing to her cockroaches fairly constantly. She's cheerful and gets along well with children, showing both tenderness and a sense of kid-friendly frankness. Unlike her academic endeavors, Yoko really loves tennis. She thinks with her body before her head most of the time, so the necessity of thinking on your feet and moving even quicker is one that appeals to her, and pushing herself physically has clear, measurable benefits. Hitting 100 serves is a challenge, but it can be done with enough straightforward practice.


Vaccine program - Yoko, with the other two main Busters, was a subject of a vaccine program that allowed them to be transported through hyperspace without side effect. Each Buster gained a special ability. Yoko's is focused in her legs. This includes the ability to jump superhumanly high and to fall superhuman heights to her feet. Yoko also has the ability to be transported using a hyperspace portal; most humans cannot survive the DNA-to-data digitization process intact.

Super spy - Yoko is a trained soldier and mecha pilot capable of flying a massive rabbit themed helicopter without killing anyone by accident. She is skilled in hand to hand combat as well as with swords and guns, though she favors the latter.

Yoko has a super-fast metabolism as a counterpoint to her abilities, and this means she needs a constant supply of sugar. When her energy run out, she collapses, weak as a newborn kitten until she consumes more calories.

Yoko's equipment as Yellow Buster is enumerated at this link. For more details:

Usada Lettuce - Yoko's Buddyroid. Usada is a small, yellow, rabbit-themed robot. He helped raise Yoko; he is somewhat overbearing, extremely tsundere, and brags about Yoko nearly as much as he argues with her, which is a feat. Even without his personality, he is capable of running the stabilizing software required to most intuitively pilot RH-03.

Morphin Brace - allows Yoko to transform into Yellow Buster.

Powered custom - when Yoko combines with her Buddyroid, Usada Lettuce, she is capable of equipping an armored form capable of taking and delivering more damage, which also increases her naturally superpowered jumping abilities. Within the context of STE, this will only be possible with a fully cognizant and mostly Echo'd Usada, as the software to install Powered Custom is very particular. When Powered Custom is enabled, Yoko is capable of creating mid-air platforms made of data in order to launch off of them in midair, and can jump higher, farther and faster.

Binocublade & Lens Buster - the Binocublade (Sougan Blade) is a pair of binoculars that convert into a sword. The Lens Buster (Ichigan Buster) is a camera that turns into a gun.

Lio Attache - this is the group blaster, created by the man who invented Tategami Li-Oh. It has various abilities, including detecting Enetron fluctuations and detecting Megazord transport signals.

Transpod - a small piece of machinery that uses transport technology to transmit a piece of weaponry from one space, generally an armory in canon, to the Buster on the other end. Without hyperspace she can't use it, and must carry her weapons. It clips to the harness she wears and is about the same size as a smartphone, only fatter.

Buster Vehicle RH-03 - her mech, which can be transported through hyperspace. It's a rabbit mech that mostly acts as a helicopter, which can run solo patrols along programmed routes but performs best when piloted by Yoko herself, using Usada's programming as a secondary interface. RH-03 can combine with several other Go-busters mecha, but none of those mecha are currently in-game, so it's just a yellow rabbit-themed helicopter.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: rubbish family | being a dick | dammit dad

Roleplay Sample - Network:

voice, iPhone;

[Yoko's voice is playful.] Okay, so, I've read the FAQ or whatever! I guess I get it. As far as any of this makes any sense, I mean.

I've got one question: who decided on snake statues? Why wouldn't they go with something that's able to, like, climb stairs?

[A beat.] Not that, y'know, I'm really complaining. Can you imagine, like, a spider statue? Or, ew, like, a cheetah? [The ughhhh sound of an over-the-top shudder aloud.]

Onto more important stuff! Who goes to LCA?

Any Questions? Their last name is a Gundam reference on a meta level but I was going to play it off as a reference to some other anime about giant mecha pilots with psychic powers to avoid issues with the existing Gundam cast in game.

I know that Enter-mun was asking about hyperspace regains (and might have them now?), so I just wanted to assure you guys that at least on my end there'll be cast contact to make sure things with hyperspace and the capabilities thereof are being handled as a group. Without a transpod or computer capable of connecting with it, even if Enter and Escape have access she won't until/unless something happens to facilitate access.

Yoko & Jin's mutual history was a joint effort between me and Abby ([personal profile] amajin).